March 21, 22, 23: JNB

We slept late and got breakfast at a much nicer restaurant, the Mugg & Bean, with filter coffee and omelets. Killing time; reading; watching TV: CNN and Sky News were broadcasting coronavirus news 24/7; other channels had pre-recorded golf or football matches (none are happening live any more.) I turned it off after a few minutes. Bought a tee-shirt. Dinner at the same restaurant, but they stopped serving alcoholic drinks at 2:00 pm. Bored. Re-checking our flights frequently.

The next day, the 22nd, was the same as above.

We browsed the shops, and came upon a larger-than-life statue of Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s hero of the anti-apartheid movement, made of beadwork.

Shaking Hands with Nelson

The next day, the 23rd: more of the same.

Sitting with Nelson Mandela

March 20: Chobe Game Lodge -> Johannesburg

March 24, 25, 26: JNB -> ZRH -> EWR -> SFO