March 19: Chobe Game Lodge

Wakeup call at 4:30 am! Game drive starts at 5:30, when it’s still dark. We saw lots of impalas, a few birds, e.g., fish eagles, white-backed vultures, tawny eagles after a nice sunrise. We came across a group of baboons playing in the road – very entertaining, lots of babies, chasing around, grooming…

  • Baboons Playing in the Road

We finally spotted a lion, a male, copulating with a female in the distance. Impala in the area were alert to them, but not panicking. The impala herds consisted of dozens of females and young, with one male running the show, and other random males wandering around with little prospect of reproducing.  There were also a couple of giraffes and buffaloes to be seen, and an elephant family. Back for brunch by 8:30 am.

We took a boat ride at 11:00 am, similar to yesterday’s – elephants gamboling in the water, a few birds, a croc, a water monitor.

Back for a nap, I tried calling Lufthansa to see about modifying my original flight, kept getting put on hold for a half hour and being disconnected. I finally got through, but no help there – they claimed there were no flights available through the end of the month; although there were economy seats next week, since my ticket was in business class, I couldn’t change to them. They have this rule that you can’t downgrade your ticket to economy – you come in business, your return in business! So I’m sticking with the flight booked for Friday.

Afternoon game drive, the usual animals. Edward, one of our party in the safari vehicle, spotted a lion off in the distance, so we stopped to watch; it looked like there were two females. After a while we moved on, since the light was fading. We stopped for a minute, and then noticed that the lions were walking toward our parked truck. They came out on the road just in front of us, and proceeded to walk down the road. Monica started the engine and we followed them as they walked in front of us, occasionally playing with each other, or stopping to sniff a bush marked by a male. We followed for several minutes as it got darker and closer to the witching hour of 7:00 pm, when visitors are supposed to vacate the park. We finally drove past them and hurried back to camp and dinner.

Broken Tusk

These animals we see seem to ignore the noisy safari vehicles full of humans, but if we got out, we were told, it would be a different story.

March 18: Camp Moremi -> Chobe Game Lodge

March 20: Chobe Game Lodge -> Johannesburg