March 17: Camp Moremi

We went back to the lion kill in the morning and saw a female lion; the kill is being consumed (and starting to smell). We drove around a bit, saw a small hamerkop on a large nest, white-backed vultures, etc. Then Vee spotted a spotted hyena nearby, waiting for his turn at the carcass.

Spotted Hyena Waiting his Turn

Driving around, we saw an elephant, zebra, hippos, etc.

Zebras in the Forest

After brunch, we had an afternoon boat ride, with sundowner drinks and colorful birds. There was a hippopotamus in the water who seemed decidedly upset with our arrival. We came close to observe, making it and us a bit nervous. It submerged, then shot up, splashing shaking its head, roaring; we finally left it alone. We saw colorful birds, e.g., malachite kingfisher, African jacana, dwarf geese, pelicans, etc.

Watching the sunset, we enjoyed our G&T’s. Home for a dinner and another song and dance by the staff.

Sunset over the Okavango Delta

March 16: Camp Moremi

March 18: Camp Moremi -> Chobe Game Lodge