March 16: Camp Moremi

We drove out in the morning looking for lions that had been seen previously. Sure enough, we came across a female hanging out near a recently-killed buffalo. She moved around a bit and we got some photos. When she walked into the nearby bush, maybe to visit her pride, we moved the truck over closer to where she had disappeared, and then she re-emerged, just meters away from us! Amazing.

On the way back, we saw a colony of masked weaver birds – the males are a showy yellow, the females a drab brown. There were many nests in one tree, woven of grass hanging down from a branch, with the entrance at the bottom. Nearby was a saddle-billed stork, which was black and white, with a yellow and red beak. Back for lunch and siesta.

  • Weaver Bird Nests

Late afternoon we headed back to the lion site, where we spotted a young adult male hanging out near the buffalo, playing with a little mole rat. He wasn’t hurting it, but wouldn’t let it go. After a few photos, we got bored and went over to see the females by the kill. They were lying about – not much action or photo-ops, so we headed home. On the way our truck got stuck in the mud. Luckily, a  companion vehicle was nearby, and pulled us out.

This evening, the staff put on an even more elaborate performance with singing dancing, drum, whistle, etc. Very entertaining; they are in competition with staff from some of the other camps in the region; a contest is coming up. Good dinner.

The global travel situation is in flux due to the corona virus. We’re getting bits of info and rumors about travel bans, closing schools, cancelled events, closed borders, etc. We have decided to continue on with our itinerary until we can’t…

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