March 15: Camp Moremi

Standard wakeup is at 5:30 am, with a light breakfast at 6:00 and departure on a game drive at 6:30. We soon encountered an elephant close-up, appearing suddenly out of the bush, and a giraffe. We drove out to a spot where people had seen some lions previously, but we saw nothing but a dead warthog in a tree. As we drove around some more, we saw flowers, birds, impala, etc., and several large termite mounds, some several meters high. The roads in Moremi National Park were in very bad condition: big water/mud holes and potholes which we had to navigate through or drive around. It seems that the park could improve the roads considerably without too much expense if they want to encourage eco-tourism.

  • Close Encounter

Back for brunch at 11:00 am, with the afternoon at leisure. They serve high tea at 3:30 pm on the lawn in the shade. We went out at 4:00, heading for a tree where two leopards had been sighted with a fresh kill. Sure enough, when we and several other trucks arrived, there was a magnificent young adult female leopard, perched artfully on a camel thorn tree limb, her mother on another limb below, and a partially consumed young waterbuck stashed in the same tree. She mostly ignored us, but perked up when an adult waterbuck wandered by, maybe the mother looking for her baby.

Back for drinks and dinner, before which the staff of a dozen performed a traditional song and dance involving chanting, stomping, singing – very engaging.

March 14: Camp Kalahari -> Camp Moremi

March 16: Camp Moremi