March 14: Camp Kalahari -> Camp Moremi

We had a morning game drive with Bones out to the brown hyena den,  but no one was around. We saw a few jackals, bat-eared foxes, springboks, zebras, etc.

Kalahari Desert

Late in the morning we drove to a nearby airstrip for an hour’s flight to Camp Moremi, in the Okavango Delta. We herded some zebra from the airstrip before the light plane’s arrival.

Light Aircraft

Our new guide, Vee, picked us up at the airstrip and conveyed us to Camp Moremi, in the Okavango Delta. The large open lounge, dining room, and bar are built of natural wood and thatched roofs, with comfortable seating and views of the surrounding jungle. After the usual greeting and signing the usual waiver about wild animals, holding the camp harmless in any event, etc., I was led to my room. It’s spacious, luxurious, well-appointed, ¬†with large screen windows, polished hardwood floors, large bed with mosquito netting, veranda with day beds, large double shower, two sinks, electricity, etc.

  • Moremi Lounge Area

We are cautioned here, as well as at the other camps, to not venture out to/from our rooms after dark without a camp guide with a torch, because wild animals roam the grounds at night.

In the late afternoon we went for a boat ride out into the delta. Water lilies, pampas grass, and reeds lined the waterways. Lots of birds. A spectacular sunset, reflected on the water, was perfect with our G&T’s in the boat before returning.

  • Water Lily

At dinner, the kitchen staff performed dramatic/musical announcements of the menu, wine list, and availability of the main course.

We saw leopard tracks on the path in camp the next morning, and the resident hippo, Oscar, nearby.

March 13: Camp Kalahari

March 15: Camp Moremi