March 10: Meno a Kwena

This morning I went for a game drive to Nxai Pan National Park, a very large flat sandy area with bush, small trees, grassland, and salt pans. My guide, Baku, has very good eyes, seeing wildlife off in the distance, when I saw nothing. Many elephants, zebra, blue wildebeest (gnu), steenbok, springbok, oryx, a few giraffes, kori bustards (the national bird and the largest one that flies), ostriches. I got a few good photos, but often as we arrived and positioned the truck, the animals started moving away, so I got a lot of shots of animals’ rear ends.

Kori Bustard

We also visited the baobabs, massive ancient trees with trunks several meters in diameter, but relatively not very tall. They reminded me of “Le Petit Prince,” a whimsical tale about a boy stranded on a planet which had baobabs.

Baobab Trees

Coincidentally, we passed another safari vehicle carrying Anna and Iver, who were staying at a different camp, Nxai Pan. After a long, hot day jostling over unpaved roads, a shower, a nap, and dinner under the stars. Leopards growling in the night.

March 9: Meno a Kwena

March 11: Meno a Kwena -> Camp Kalahari