Frequently Asked Questions

How precise should my measurements be?

For curtain length, measure to within a quarter of an inch. Natural fiber breathes and shifts slightly in length, so it cannot be cut precisely to small fractional measurements. For width, when ordering hardware, measure accurately to within an eighth of an inch. Do not subtract from length for tabs or rings or from width for mounting hardware - we will take care of this.
Measure twice to make sure you're accurate!

How soon after ordering will I get my window treatments?

We do our very best to finish all orders within 30 business days. However, since we are making your window treatments especially for you, exactly the way you want them, sometimes things may take a little bit longer. We will call you if there is any delay. If you have a deadline, please let us know in advance.

Can I wash my curtains?

Fabric that has not been pre-washed will shrink about 10% if washed. If the fabric is pre-washed (and you must request this, as it changes the hand of the fabric) curtains, but not shades, may be washed. In general, however, we do not recommend this. Few people have the elaborate laundry equipment common in every home at the beginning of the century. For best results, curtains should be dried on a curtain frame and pressed with a very hot iron. You will probably be more satisfied if you take them to a good dry cleaner.

How do I take care of my curtains?

Complete care instructions are shipped with your completed order.

Are curtains returnable?

We regret that we cannot accept returns of custom work. Naturally, if we make a mistake, we will do everything we can to rectify it at no cost.

Should my curtains be lined?

In general, simple curtains do not need to be lined, and sheer fabrics like handky linen and gauze should never be lined. However, lining does prolong the life of your shades or curtains by protecting them from sunlight. If your windows face west into direct sunlight, you might consider lining them. We particularly recommend lining velvet curtains as the colors are rich and more subject to fading.

Which fabrics provide the most privacy?

Unlined curtains in heavier linens are opaque enough for most situations. Lining will provide more shade in a bedroom. Black out lining is available and provides more shade but does not completely black out a room unless it is used with dark velvet.

My house has lots of dark woodwork and I want as much sunlight as possible during the day, but I need curtains at night - what do you recommend?

Inside mount curtains or shades will show off the woodwork. Curtains with rings will open the most because rings take up the least amount of space on the curtain rod

I have a bank of three windows. The center window is larger than the two side windows. What should the window treatments look like?

This is a common window configuration in Arts & Crafts houses. It is very attractive to have a single panel for each side window with 2 panels for the center window. Consider a corner motif like the Simple Checkerberry at the inside corner of each of the panels.

I have casement windows that open into the room. How can I curtain the windows?

These windows are often found in Arts & Crafts houses. Traditionally, curtains are mounted on-frame, so that when the casement is opened the curtains come with it. Curtains may also be mounted outside the frame, but the hardware need to clear the window frame at the top and sides so that the curtain can be completely opened. This is sometimes difficult with an Arts & Crafts wall elevation


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