Price List, Spring 1998


basic curtain - unlined, blind hem finish sides and bottom, rod pocket top, width of 56 inches or less, weighted hem.

Finished length, 5 feet or less, per panel
Finished length, over 5 feet, per panel
Additional cost for lining
Curtains that are wider than 56 inches per panel will need to be seamed. We finish unlined curtains with a French or enclosed seam. Lined curtain seams are serged.
Cost per seam
Pin-stitching, bottom hem only, per width
Pleated top (rings additional)
Rings, 1" brass ring included
Tabs (leather or fabric), price per tab
1 1/2" face length x 3/4" wide default size
Tie backs, per pair, with hardware
Roman shades, unlined, per square foot
lined, per square foot

Multiply desired width x length and divide inches by 144 for square foot measurement. Round off to highest square foot. Add 6" to width when figuring yardage....or please call us for an estimate with no obligation


#109, Bungalow Grapes
#108, Crocus
#102A, Ivy corner
#102B, Ivy border (2 leaves)
#203, Madison Iris
#201A, Mackintosh Rose
#202A, Sue Ellen's Lily, vertical
#202B, Sue Ellen's Lily, corner
#101, Simple Checkerberry
#107, Pine Cone
#105A, Poppy border
#105B, Poppy corner
$106, Sunflower
#115, Three Square
#118, Four Square
#116, Simple Rose
#117A, Ginkgo border
#117B, Ginkgo corner
#117C, Ginkgo center
#103, Willow border
#104, Cat Tail
#119, Chicago
#204, Aster
#205, Prairie Grass
$36.00 per motif
$25.00 per motif
$24.00 per motif
$18.00 per motif
$40.00 per motif
$45.00 per motif
$40.00 per motif
$40.00 per motif
$25.00 per motif
$30.00 per motif
$25.00 per motif
$25.00 per motif
$30.00 per motif
$10.00 per motif
$12.00 per motif
$25.00 per motif
$25.00 per motif
$30.00 per motif
$35.00 per motif
$20.00 per motif
$30.00 per motif
$25.00 per motif
$40.00 per motif
$30.00 per motif

Applique colors available at this time include dark green, loden, cocoa, bright gold, antique gold, wine, blue, teal, purple, red, tangerine, lime green, terra cotta, pink, light blue, rust, dark red, black, white, pale green, pale yellow. We will send swatches for your approval on request.


Color sketch, swatches and complete estimate from your specifications, $200.00.
Revisions and additions, $40.00 per hour.


Use the Work sheet to calculate your curtain costs. Items are shipped regular UPS unless you request otherwise. In the U.S. add $6.00 shipping and handling for orders under $25.00. Include shipping charges of $7.00 per yard of fabric, $1.00 each additional yard.

For curtain rods, allow $10.00 shipping for the first rod, $3.00 for each additional rod. Orders can be sent COD, or please enclose a check or money order for total amount with your order.

We also offer Mastercard and Visa for your convenience.

Send 50% deposit for custom construction, balance due with delivery. Allow 30 business days delivery for custom construction and hardware. Please add 8.25 % sales tax in California.

Your business is important to us. Please do not hesitate to call us with questions. If you are not satisfied, please return merchandise within 30 days. Cut and custom items can only be returned with permission.

Please feel free to write or call us ...or fax us if that is easier.

Ann Wallace & Friends
Textiles For The Home
Box 2344
Venice, CA 90294
Fax 213-617-3304
Cabbage Rose


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