We want you to have the right kind of curtain rods to go with your curtains. Simpler designs in metal and wood seem to work best. Finials are available separately.


A selection of decorative hardware in simple black coated steel, custom cut to fit your windows Finials


The finials are 1 3/4" wide by 4" long with a 1/2" diameter round rod and brackets.
#H501-3, 3 foot round rod, 1/2" wide
#H501-4, 4 foot round rod
#H501-6, 6 foot round rod
#H501-8, 8 foot round rod
#H501-A, pair arrow finials
#H501-B, round brackets

Pineapple & Lance

The Pineapple finial is 1" wide by 2" long and the Lance is 2 1/2" wide x 4 3/4" long. Both use a 3/4" square rod and brackets. #H502-3, 3 foot square rod, 3/4" wide
#H502-4, 4 foot square rod
#H502-6, 6 foot square rod
#H502-8, 8 foot square rod
#H502-P, pair pineapple finials
#H502-L, pair lance finials
#H502-B, square brackets

For Arrow, Lance & Pineapple

#H501-C, curtain rings, pkg. of 10
We suggest an extra center support for rods over 4 feet.
#H501-XR, Extra support for Arrow
#H501-XS, Extra support for Lance & Pineapple
Crane NEW! Curtain Cranes in 12", 18" & 24"
     sold in pairs with brackets, round only
     #H501-S12, -S18 & -S24


The old fashioned curtain rod for unlined panels and cafe curtains. With an old house, you may have old screw holes in your window frames where these rods used to be. These rods are sturdy and virtually unbreakable.
Brackets 3/8 inch steel rod with a brass colored finish, #H503-R
inside-mount barrel brackets, #H503-I
outside-mount barrel brackets, #H503-O

gooseneck barrel bracket, #H503-G1 & G2
     use these for valances or curtains that need
     to wrap around a shade or blind
     1 or 2 inch clearance

spring-socket barrel brackets, #H503-S
     use these to tension mount your rods if you have a stone
     or concrete window surround or you just can't bear
     to screw into the woodwork you restored so carefully.

center support, #H503-C
     use for rods over 45" long, available in 1 1/2, 2 and 3 inches.

brass curtain rings, 13/16 inch inside diameter, #H503-C

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