This design is available in corner motif and border.
The Ivy corner motif can easily be used as a border, but it also works well at the inside or leading edge of double paneled curtains.
Since the ivy that inspired this design comes in many shades of green, brown, gold and even purples and reds, you can easily choose a color scheme for your room that still relates to the original source.
The photograph shows the Ivy corner motif used on a foam/dacron chair cushion for a special set of Limbert chairs. The fabric used is custom dyed brown linen.

#109A, Ivy corner, 4 3/4 high x 5 1/2 inches wide
#109B, Ivy border, 2 leaves, 4 1/4 inches high 8 1/2 inches wide with 1 1/2 inch overlap.



The Simple Checkerberry is a versatile motif that features a stylized flower and leaves with a typical Arts & Crafts

switchback line for the stem. The Simple Checkerberry can be used as a single motif or as a border. It is shown here in tangerine with a gold leaf and loden stem on white linen.
These curtains are double panels, total one and one half fullness. They are finished with pin-stitched hems with tabs and are hung on a simple rod with inside-mount barrel brackets.

#101, Simple Checkerberry, 3 3/4 inches high x 4 1/2 inches wide.


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