Pine Cone


A popular Craftsmen motif, the Pine Cone works well at a corner or as a border. Best in browns and greens, it is a charming motif for a lake cabin or country house. Pine Cone, #107, 6 inches x 6 inches



Sunflowers are associated with the English Arts & Crafts movement. Our motif makes an amusing border or corner accents. Use it in traditional shades of gold and brown on natural linen or in oyster & oatmeal on natural for a more sophisticated look.

Sunflower, #106, 5 inches x 5 inches


Grapes are a popular motif and were often used in Arts & Crafts stained glass. This design can be done in traditional purple fruit with green leaf or as bright green grapes with a gold or wine leaf.

Bungalow Grape, #109, 4 1/4 inches wide x 6 1/2 inches



Inspired by Stickley, Poppy is available in a horizontal or corner motif. Although a traditional poppy would certainly be red, this design is very attractive in French blue with a wine stamen or gold with a teal blue stamen.

Poppy Border, #105A, 3 inches wide x 5 1/4 inches high

Poppy Corner, #105B, 3 3/4 inches x 3 3/4 inches



Vertical designs are particularly nice in rooms with strong horizontal elements, like the woodwork in Arts & Crafts houses!

Asters comes in hundreds of colors from pale pink to rust. Try a rust flower with antique gold leaves & stems

Aster, #204, 4 inches diameter, length proportional to curtain panel


A highly abstracted design, typical of the Prairie School, and inspired by the unmowed tall grass along the highways of the upper Midwest. All stitching is one color, like loden green with matching squares. Choose another color for the chevrons, like teal blue.

Prairie Grass, #205, 3 inches wide, length proportional to curtain panel.

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