We started making curtains almost by accident when a friend couldn't find anything that he liked. Other people who were fixing up houses in our old neighborhood saw his house and asked if we could make something for them.

From the beginning, our customers have been our best source of inspiration. All of our designs have been created for real rooms that are used every day. We are not a drapery workroom - we only make window coverings that we believe in. A philosophy of curtains sounds a little silly, but we have one. We love fabric - we believe that it is the easiest way to soften light or shade a room, and that simple curtains can be relaxed or very elegant. We think that the way a curtain is hung should allow the fabric to behave naturally.

We believe in using good materials in simple, classic designs. Ruffles, swags and trim can hide crooked seams or rough stitching - it can be more challenging to make something simple because everything shows. We're proud of our work and we hope you'll look at it closely.

We work only in natural fibers, mainly imported linen and we're always looking for fabrics that work for the easy, natural curtains we like.

All our curtains are custom made to your requirements. Choose from several top treatments and hem finishes. Choose the precise width and length. We have a library of applique designs that we can make up to your specifications - as a border or corner design for example. Applique fabrics are available in many colors, to combine as you wish.

Motifs are appliqued with a machine satin stitch. We use only 100% cotton Swiss embroidery thread for our applique. Bobbin thread is matched to the base fabric, so our curtains need not be lined. We will line them, however, at your request. Our curtains are easy to take care of and are shipped with complete instructions.

If you have any questions or aren't sure you can figure out the cost of your custom curtains yourself, please call us. We will be delighted to do a complete written estimate for you with no obligation.


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