Measure carefully to within 1/4". Decide if you want your curtain hung within the window frame or at the outside edges. For rods

with finials, you may also mount your rods on the wall outside the window frame, so that when you push your curtains open, they completely clear the window.

Measure length from top of rod placement to wherever you want finished length: for example, edge of sill or floor. Inside-mount curtains should hang to sill. We will allow for rings, tabs or inside mount hardware. Measure each window separately, even if you think they are all standard. In many old houses, settling can make window sizes vary by as much as a 1/2 inch.

Decide if you want 1 1/2 or double fullness curtains, based on length of curtain rod. Calculate yardage, allowing 8 inches total for

top and bottoms hems. Please call us at 213-617-3310 if you have questions.

No. of Windows Fullness Length Width 1 or 2 panels per window Seams per panel

Select applique:

part #_____________________ name _______________________________________________________

color specifications: _____________________________________________________________________

Use this space to indicate with an x approximate placement of applique. Indicate leading edge corners, center or border. Applique will be 3" from lower and leading edges unless other wise specified. Please feel free to add any special requests here:

Select top finish:
____rod pocket   ____tab   ____rings   ____pleated
______________leather tab color
Select hem finish:
____pin stitch   ____invisible hem

Curtain rods:
Number of rods
Part # Name Finished Custom Length
(including finial)

Use price sheet to figure costs. Please call us at 213-617-3310 if you have questions.

Total yardage x cost per yard ___________
Basic custom curtain charge per panel by length ___________
Cost of top finish x number of fabric widths ___________
Sewing on rings, if applicable ___________
Cost of tabs, if applicable ___________
Cost per seam, if applicable ___________
Applique, number x cost per motif ___________
Cost of curtain rods ___________
Cost per cut for custom rods ___________
SUBTOTAL ___________
California residents add 8.25% sales tax ___________
Estimated shipping ___________
TOTAL ___________

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